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Our company was established in the 90es and after some years of work in the mechanical manufacturing, we have gradually started operating with passion and competence in the industrial system engineering with particular attention to the iron and steel sector.

To this day we boast more than 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing complete machines and systems for the iron and steel industry, in the creation of automatic machines and lines for packing hanks and bundles, in the revamping of industrial plants and machinery, without ever neglecting the origins as third party processing for moulds and large carpentry.

Our task is to study and realise machines and special installations that can meet the needs of every single client and product. Thanks to a prior study carried out in the internal technical office, we are able to react to a wide range of problems that arise on a daily basis.

Thanks to an excellent mechanical workshop, we can realise every part that derived from the internal design in complete autonomy, allowing a fast and operational development of the product.

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Where we are in the World

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