Mechanical Manufacturing

We have avant-garde working machines able to satisfy every need of its clientele accomplishing milling operations. The type of feasible components ranges from unique pieces to small, medium and even large units.

Our technical office is able to follow the development of the manufacturing in a CAD-CAM environment, starting from the prototyping to the on board machine management.

The mechanical workshop consists of a working machines made of more than 14 units that can quickly carry out big orders thanks to the flexibility of the production and to the existence of high capacity cranes.

Mechanical Manufacturing

Manufacturing of moulds

The manufacturing of moulds is quick and accurate thanks to a highly qualified staff and it includes also structures over 20 ton.

Mechanical Carpentry Manufacturing

The mechanical carpentry manufacturing that we can implement consists of big structures that can reach more than 6 meters of length thanks to specially structured and equipped machineries.

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