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Since the beginning of our business, we have been designing and manufacturing lines and automatic machines for capable packaging to wrap bars and bundles of bars, hanks and wire rods.

We have a complete range of machines that consist of the most varied product dimensions that we can roll up and we study the automation of the equipment that make up the line according to your needs.

With our machines, we can roll up every packing material in reels such as paper, polyethylene and scretch coupling different materials to obtain the desired insulation.


We carry out revamping operations on existing plants according to your needs. We are able to modernise obsolete systems by renewing them assuring the same performance as a completely new system.

Machines for the pipe manufacturing

We project and create manual and automatic machines for pipe manufacturing that can satisfy all of your needs, in particular if your company produces greenhouses or scaffoldings or anyone who needs to transform the pipe in end product with precision and speed.
With our pipe manufacturing machines it is possible to carry out the bending, drilling, punching, blading, tapering and notching.

Over the years we have specialised in automating these processes through sophisticated equipment of handling and we are able to offer fully automatic machines thanks to which it is possible to optimise the production cycle and drastically reduce production times and costs. Our machines for the pipe manufacturing are incredibly robust and built to deliver ultra-high productivity and precision.

Spare Parts Service

If you have bought one of our machineries, our spare parts service allows you to obtain new parts to replace the damaged elements of your machinery.

Thanks to our structure and to our working machines we are able to realise the piece you require according to the needs and particularities of the machinery in a short time.

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